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About Brooke Churchill



Brooke Churchill is an Austin based creative, fine artist, designer and stylist. She’s lived everywhere from California and London to New York and has pulled inspiration from various parts of her life, ranging from classical and traditional works to vibrant and colorful statement pieces that capture a modern abstract expressionist feel. Her process is whimsical, free and eclectic - much like her final pieces. Brooke has private collectors across the globe ranging from pet portraits, installations and canvas paintings.

She grew her pet illustration business as a way to connect with animals and children and being involved in pet charities in New York. Her business grew a lot of attention and she began using her whimsical style to capture pet personalities in a unique way for customers.

In 2018, Brooke started Hallway - a personal styling and interiors service for people looking to expand their closets, reinvent their homes and add a spark of creativity to their lives. She has an eye for wardrobe design and curation, special events, and decorating. Read more about her latest venture here. As an artist, her creativity is the thread in everything she does.

Brooke is currently working on launching a curated collection of children’s bedding and pillows featuring her one of a kind pet illustrations. Sign up to be the first to know about the launch!

Interested in a commission? Set up a call with the artists! One of Brooke’s favorite parts of her business is working with her clients and making the process fun!