“Brooke is talented and a wonderful person…her work is colorful and happy.”

Brad Coleman

"How much more personal can you get? Man’s best friend…. what better gift is there? It’s playful, joyful, and artistic.”

Johanna Rivera

"It’s just cool.”

C. Albrecht

“The thing I love about Brooke's portraits of each of our four kids is that they are very exuberant pieces of art. They don't take themselves too seriously - we wanted something that was lively and fun. Somehow, these colorful representations of our kids, along with all the personal details, bring each kid to life in a way that a completely realistic portrait could not. They look fabulous grouped together (although each kid his\her own copy in their bedrooms)."

Marie Bitetti

“I love the 'Dog Days of Summer' Series. Brooke manages to portray the very spirit and personality in each dog she sketches. She created a masterpiece of my pup Rhett, capturing his youthful "innocence" and sweet demeanor. This is something I will treasure forever."

Danielle Westling

“These portraits capture our dogs in a truly unique way and have generated rave reviews from our guests."

C. and K. Minor

"A wonderful gift from a gifted artist. Brooke... you created exactly what I wanted to give... Lucy. I knew the picture that I had in my phone was special but you made it into a masterpiece. Your passion for helping me give this gift shows in the work. She loves it."

Adam Bechler

"I was drawn to Brooke’s creative and colorful style for this gift idea, but her effervescent personality and desire to customize the artwork made the experience most pleasurable. My sister loves the artwork almost as much as she loves her cats."

Billy Busko

"Accomplished artist, Brooke Churchill is passionate about the work she creates for her clients. Two goldens and a grey parrot come to life on paper with embedded clues about our lives for the most creative holiday card sent by this family. …Brooke's versatile collage designs showcase her serious yet novel artistic ability in a one-of-a-kind way. It' amazing what she can do! I have huge respect for her and am proud to know her."

Dale Ellen Leff

"Almost two years later, the portraits I gave to my mom and sister of their pets are still strikingly original and refreshingly psychedelic. Everybody who sees them, loves them.”

David H. Faux, Esq.

"I received two Brooke Churchill pictures of my dogs from my children for Christmas. I have two Norfolk Terriers, and Brooke captured both their physical differences and their distinct personalities in her portraiture. The drawings are whimsical, colorful, unusual, and a pleasure to look at each time I come in the room. Everyone who sees them is enchanted, and I'm proud and happy to own them."

Joyce Lamb

“Brooke is an extremely creative artist that produces some of the most fascinating contemporary work available today. When I saw the work, “Marlee”, I just knew I had to buy it. I actually gave it as a gift to my daughter on her first birthday.”

Mike Koegler

"We were amazed at how your approach captured Sammy so well.... warm and funny for sure, but somehow you got her independent spirit just perfectly. We love it!!"

Michael Victory